Posted on October 30 2009 by admin

Money for Jams is all about YOU – how YOU can make extra money, how YOU can save money every day.

Money for jams will help YOU find a way to make it.

We know that everyone is different and that has different abilities and interests and that not everybody can make money from the same things, so here WE are to offer as many option and solutions so that YOU can find at least one way to make an extra dollar (or Pound or Euro or whatever….)

We will try to update this website on a regular bases so that if YOU didn’t find something that sites YOU today, try again the next day, YOU might find it then.

We are always happy to hear about new ways to make money so if YOU have an idea and wish to share, please feel free to leave your comment or to contact us with your idea and if we think it’s a good idea we will publish it here on MONEY FOR JAM$.

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